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I went to Tracy for the full 10 sessions of Structural Integration and each time left feeling transformed. I had taken a few nasty falls before coming in, and was suffering from plantar fasciitis and chronic pain in my shoulders and upper back… both of which are now GONE. Tracy helped me to relearn how to hold my body and move it in its natural structure. She was always patient and kind when emotions came flooding up with the physical work, and was super about checking in with me about the strength and intensity of the work. I am so grateful for her approach to bodywork and also, her newsletters are AWESOME. After I did the ten sessions I was in a bike accident, and felt so happy that I knew exactly who to go to to help me heal from the trauma of the injury. Again, I had been feeling almost constant pain in my back, and after a single session with her it dissipated entirely. I can’t thank Tracy enough and recommend her all the time– if you have need for body work definitely, definitely go to Tracy! Claire M

“I am writing this review to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for Tracy Dixon and her incredible work in The Rolf Method of Structural Integration. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is seeking a life-changing experience.

I started seeing Tracy in August 2021, as I was struggling with major lower back pain that was causing severe limitations in mobility and overall quality of life. In addition, I was also suffering from plantar fasciitis and knee pain, and my posture was tipping forward, with my shoulders hunched over and head protruding forwards. It was impossible for me to do most physical tasks – even walking or standing for short periods was a challenge.

However, with Tracy’s guidance and expertise, my life has changed completely. After a 10-series, and then more advanced treatment sessions, there is almost zero pain for months now. My physical activity has dramatically increased, including going back to the gym. Pain management and increases to physical activity assisted my weight loss. The quality of life has improved dramatically, and I feel like I have been given a new lease on life.

Tracy is not only a master of her craft, but she is also a compassionate and caring practitioner. Her attention to detail and her ability to create a safe and nurturing environment for her clients are unparalleled. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and how it works, and she takes the time to explain everything that she is doing and why she is doing it.

I cannot thank Tracy enough for the life-changing experience that she has given me. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a holistic and transformative approach to their health and wellness. Tracy Dixon is a true gem, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Thank you, Tracy, for all that you do!” Larissa C

When I was seeking relief from years of pain in my body and someone suggested I try rolfing I was hesitant. I’d read how painful it can be and simply didn’t want to make things worse. Tracy came highly recommended though and so I went for it. Tracy allows you to lean into the work rather than forcing it on you, which is vital in the process of releasing trauma in the body. I felt in control and because of that was able to allow deep and powerful work. I also can’t say enough about her as a person. She radiates kindness and that is a beautiful thing. Go, see her. Her work and her presence will offer you the space for healing. Jill P

Tracy is AMAZING. I have suffered for years with overuse injuries from my 20’s and 30’s; pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back; I am active in general but sit all day for work. Tracy was recommended to me from an unexpected source, but I was open to anything at the time ~~ I had seen countless different manual therapy practitioners, weekly for months and years, including RMT, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, finding little sustainable relief. Tracy’s approach is compassionate, curious, understanding and respectful. She treats the person and not just the body and is dedicated to each individual journey therapeutically. She creates a safe, free and comforting treatment environment. Together we isolated the ‘problems’ and she was able to apply her therapeutic approach to ever aspect of my ‘complaint list’, and find solutions that had never been discussed previously by any practitioner that I had seen to date. My relationship with Tracy has been life changing in the short and longer term. Tracy is a delight to spend time with as a person, and is extremely dedicated and exceptional professional in her field. Her approach takes into consideration the whole patient; how the body has been used in the past and in the present. My life and experience of life as my body has been healing cannot be measured in dollars or hours of treatment, but in days and weeks and months of revitalized life enjoyment and experiential memories.Tricia D – Accountant

I’ve done Rolfing before a couple of different times, while living in Brazil, to help me with my scoliosis. After 10+ years without, and a hip injury, I went to Tracy to help me manage some chronic pain. I couldn’t ask for a better, more compassionate and caring therapist. Besides being a great person, she is a fantastic professional. With a touch of fingers, she found out that I’ve been literally holding my breath in for basically all my life. I can walk and breathe better, thanks to her. Even though my 10-sessions are done, I’m looking forward to coming back. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.Luiza B – Writer & Digital Strategist

I had a great first experience with Tracy. She’s a very caring, warm, comforting professional. I feel really great this morning. A different body. I’m looking forward to my next appointment.Stephanie D

Tracy has a peaceful and compassionate demeanour. Her knowledge of not only the body, but also the mind/body dynamic, is extremely thorough and enables her to facilitate a deep healing process. Highly recommended!Alison

My feet feel totally different. I can feel so much more contact with the ground than I ever did, and I have noticeable arches (which is new for me). I feel so stable and solid when I stand and walk; my feet feel really strong now, and yet they also feel very pliable and flexible. My feet feel perfectly equal and balanced, which is translating into great posture. My heart and breath are opening up, I feel internally and externally stronger and yet softer at the same time, and this is affecting how I connect with myself and others. Tracy Dixon is gentle, very knowledgeable, intuitive, and amazingly skilled. She is like mother earth with impressive training and credentials! I cannot adequately express the sense of well-being, hope, and gratitude that I feel.Linda F – Career Advisor

I absolutely loved the treatment! I have had many other modalities in the past: remedial massage, myofascial release, Hellerwork, osteopathy, chiropractic, Hawaiian massage, Thai massage, Zenthai shiatsu, Shiatsu massage, physiotherapist. All were helpful, but the Structural Integration session I had with Tracy was palpably the most beneficial and effective treatment I have ever had. I felt entirely at ease, safe, fully cared for and immensely more supple after.Doris H – Physician

Tracy is an outstanding therapist. Five years after a car accident and still working through chronic pain, I was referred to Tracy for Structural Integration therapy. Tracy is professional, down to earth, and very thorough. Her approach combines curiosity and compassion and she has a rare talent for identifying holding patterns in the body and postural issues and using techniques to resolve them. I have found working with Tracy very effective for pain treatment and I highly recommend her.Este G

Tracy is very gifted and I feel extremely fortunate to have found her. I’m working through old injuries and releasing things I’m sure I’ve carried for years. Her touch is gentle and strong and full of purpose. She is a big part of my self care right now!Melanie B

I had an amazing first Structural Integration session and I look forward to many more. My shoulders feel like they are no longer hunched forward and up to my ears and my low back (which is always in pain) feels great! Tracy is amazing and I couldn’t be happier!Prema M

Tracy is extremely skilled and attentive. As a competitive dancer, I’ve tried a whole buffet of bodywork but the effects of Structural Integration are some of the most beneficial. I highly recommend!CD – Dancer & Student

 I just completed the 10-series and it has been such an amazing journey! Every single session would surprise me. Tracy is a great person, and a professional who listens to you and your body very carefully. She has great compassion and understanding, and her gentle touch just assures you that you’re going to be OK. I came to see her injured head-to-toe in body, mind, and emotions — and so desperate to get well. After five years of trying all kinds of therapies (Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture), finally Structural Integration solved the puzzle. I feel reborn, like I have a new body! It feels so good. I just can’t describe the feeling of joy and balance. Now, I’m pain-free, my body is in alignment and balanced. Goodbye to TMJ pain, super-tight hamstrings, whole body misalignment. I believe in this work and in Tracy. In future, it will always be the first method I turn to when I need healing.Leila B

I wasn’t sure if I could manage the pain associated with fascia work. Tracy has wonderful technique that actually felt good. The evening after my first session I felt energized. The next morning my plantar fasciitis was less painful, the swelling reduced. I will continue this work based on these noticeable results. Thank you, Tracy!Michelle T

I am easily standing and sitting straighter now. At mid-life my body was beginning to curl up, with a hunched shoulder posture, especially when sitting. I saw immediate results from just one Structural Integration session with Tracy. At three-quarters of the way through a ten-series, my awareness of my body has intensified, allowing me to see how much stress or tension I put into my stance when I sit or stand. Now I am feeling so thankful that I am more able to move without strain, aware of how to manage my own posture, floating tall and straight.Rose M – Artist & Librarian

Tracy is a gifted Bodyworker and listener, drawing from the depths things that could have been released long ago, and are now. She does this with an easy, friendly style – remarkable!Nirmal P – Singer

I went to see Tracy in Summer 2015, on the recommendation of a friend, to deal with a very painful shoulder and neck and ended up having a surprisingly deep transformational experience. When I first came in, just turning my neck hurt, and the pain was spreading down into my elbow and wrist. Tracy recommended that I try just an initial session to see how I felt about the Rolf method before committing to the next 9 sessions for the 10 Series. After this first session, my pain was greatly reduced, my mobility was much better, and I felt a real sense of calm and well-being. So, I decided to complete the series and saw Tracy every week (or so) over the next 3 months. Within a few sessions, Tracy was addressing fundamental patterns about how I hold my body – some areas were tense, because that’s where I hold my stress. Other areas were where I have held trauma. Tracy even addressed areas (like my hip-knee-ankle alignment) that I thought I was born with and couldn’t change. Over the same period, I was beginning road cycling training for two endurance bike rides – a 120km ride and a 250km ride – pretty much from scratch. Even after a bike fit (on my already made-to-measure bike), I was bringing back the pain in my shoulder – to the extent that on one long ride my hand started to go numb. Tracy checked in on my training progress and, in her adjustments, gave me the support I needed. Since the 10 Series finished, I have been cycling 4-6+ hr rides with not only no pain, but with a really high level of fitness, great recovery time, and no sore muscles. To put it another way, I was expecting in May to finish the Whistler GranFondo in about 6 hours, but ended up finishing it in about 5.5 this September. I believe the reason for this is because my muscles and joints are better balanced and working more efficiently together.

I can’t recommend Tracy enough! She is a great listener with a deep and intuitive sense of healing. The transformation from someone totally not good at sports to a pretty reasonable cyclist in 3 months has been a profound experience for me. But something that has been even more profound is how much less anxiety I feel on a daily basis. It actually shocks me to reflect on how much stress was part of my life not even that long ago. So by supporting me to let a lot of my deep physical tensions go and showing me how to recognize where I’m holding tension, Tracy has given me a real sense of inner peace.Daniella F

Tracy has a beautiful, clear, grounded presence, her touch is sensitive and deeply intuitive, which greatly informed the bodywork I received. The treatment was deep and releasing but not painful. I felt nurtured, supported, and cared for while receiving what my body needed to open and release. Thank you, Tracy!Suvali – Movement Therapist

Having had unpleasant experiences with Rolfing in the past, I was hesitant to try Structural Integration. I’m very glad I did. Tracy Dixon is a skilled and sensitive practitioner and I felt relaxed, open and peaceful in body, mind and heart after the session. I highly recommend her.Adrianne R – Family Physician

I had been experiencing 2 weeks of pain in my right shoulder. Thankfully, I went to see Tracy to seek help. After just one session, I am feeling great relief in my shoulder, and I have full mobility again. It’s such a remarkable difference to feel in just one session. Thanks so much for your skilled treatment.Odete P – Urban Planner

The first time I saw Tracy, my neck was all but frozen and had been for days.  Immediately after one session, my range of motion was almost back to normal, and after the second it was like there was never an issue.  It was the most direct and effective body work experience I have ever had, and it fundamentally changed the quality of my life.Bill P

Tracy is an intuitive, gentle, focused and remarkable Structural Integration practitioner. Even the most intense moments, and there were many during the 10 series I received from Tracy, there was a deep presence and softness of being. I didn’t even realize how much my body learned from Tracy until, after the series completed, I had some pain in my neck and shoulders and called her for a session. Tracy was out of town and left me a voicemail suggesting I let my body recall the alignment I had learned in our previous sessions. I didn’t think about it, I simply allowed my body to remember what it had learned from Tracy. In a couple of days, the pain was gone. The type of body work Tracy offers is the kind that will empower your body to heal itself.Elana A – Workshop Facilitator

In the summer of 2008 I completed a series of ten Structural Integration sessions with Tracy. I had tried “Rolfing” several years before with another practitioner, so I knew a bit about it, but I hadn’t yet completed the full ten sessions. My desire to revisit this form of body work arose from a persistent injury in my right knee—a damaged ligament—and my belief that it was related to tension in both my hips and and my quadriceps. Not only was Tracy able to help heal my knee (by loosening and realigning my hips and back), but my posture—both physical and emotional—was greatly improved. Old tensions (physiological responses to stress and trauma, mainly) and scar tissue from years of athletics and construction work were released and my body was able to settle back into itself. To this day, I am still noticing the adjustments that Tracy facilitated. Both my posture and my knee (which hasn’t bothered me since) are well and good. Structural Integration offers a unique form of recovery, and as a result of the intensity of the treatment—the deep, healing nature of the work—I also developed a strong sense of body awareness, a cellular knowing, that has stayed with me and which I have integrated into my daily life. And finally, beyond all the generalized benefits of this method, Tracy is a superior practitioner. Her intuitive strength and healing abilities have a profound effect on the experience. One feels truly guided and supported through these sessions in a way that is nothing short of life-changing. I cannot speak highly enough of her work and I would recommend anyone to seek her help on their healing journey.Elyot M – Carpenter

I had an amazing treatment from Tracy. I am hooked. She has a deeply compassionate bedside manner, years of experience, an excitement to further her education, and such passion for the modality. This was my first Structural Integration session. My favorite massages have consisted of a lot of release of the fascia. Tracy delivered exactly the release of muscle tension I needed. So good!Amy Z

Tracy has magic in her hands. She knows exactly how to relieve my pain and give me the nurturing my body seeks. She is sensitive, kind and caring and her in-depth understanding of how Structural Integration heals old trauma allowed me to completely trust her and surrender to her touch. My recommendation comes with the highest respect.Joanna F – Singer-Songwriter & Performer

I received a 10-series from Tracy Dixon to rebalance my musculature after a serious hamstring injury. This injury was causing tightness and torquing in the right side of my body,  impacting my yoga practice and general comfort, particularly in the affected hip joint. In addition to improving alignment between my left and right sides, this series of treatments were extremely valuable for increasing my awareness of the role and importance of  connective tissue in physical health. There were further emotional benefits in identifying areas of my body that were holding onto past traumas. My sessions with Tracy have had a lasting effect on the way I view my body, injury and rehabilitation and the emotional-physical connections we all have. I have been able to apply this experience to my daily awareness and subsequent physical challenges. I highly recommend Structural Integration with Tracy Dixon.Darcy J – Artist & Teacher

Tracy Dixon is a truly genuine mindful practitioner & teacher. Her deep passion for her work is a constant inspiration. Tracy is always seeking more education and training to improve and evolve her skills. It is without hesitation I would recommend Tracy Dixon.Ingrid W – Day Spa Owner/RMT

I’ve received Structural Integration services from Tracy on several occasions and will continue to do so whenever possible. Her thorough understanding of the human body, strong hands, and good nature make for an excellent treatment.Leif J – Internet Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant

Tracy is a lovely person and for my sessions she was fully aware of, and responsive to, my individual needs. Capable of finding that therapeutic edge, she is careful of not going beyond it. It’s easy to open up and talk to someone who is listening deeply, and is so respectful and honest with her intention. It’s easy to tell that Tracy brings a wealth of experience with her, applying it in ways immediately beneficial and that leave a lasting impression.Aaron S

Tracy helped me with the back and shoulder pain I had. Her technique dealt with deep tissue/muscle issues and helped me greatly. She is gentle and attentive in dealing with people and armed with great technique and powerful hands.Jean-Francois L – Internet Marketing Specialist

I have been getting work done by Tracy in the last 2 weeks…and, having been rolfed over 50 times in my life, by over 10 different practitioners, Tracy ranks in the top 2 all time SI practitioners to have dug into my core! The other one being Emmett, who is the most senior rolfer perhaps on the planet.Glenn W